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Detox Is Dangerous – Choose Medically Supervised Drug Recovery Center

Hospitals offer medical detox facility for inpatient treatment. Moreover, you can find rehab centers, which are licensed and conduct medically supervised detox process. Patients with chronic addiction can find inpatient facility offering detox more beneficial and outpatient program is suited best for patients with less severe drug abuse issues.

What is detox?

A misguided notion prevails in the society that detox is easy and simple process without any risks. Myriads of detox products are available claiming to do it easily in the privacy and comfort of your home. However, drug and alcohol detox is a different issue than just removing toxins from the body. It is more than colon cleansing or DIY process. Let’s understand why it is so dangerous?

Alcohol detox

When you cross the line of mild dinking behavior and turn it into a daily affair then you need to control it. Detox is the initial step to overcome this excessive drinking behavior. The risk starts, when you abstain from alcohol as soon as you become aware of its bad effects in your life.

The determination is good but the struggle will be experienced in the form of convulsions, hallucinations and also heart seizure [may cause death]. Therefore never try to perform alcohol detox at home. Professional medical intervention is crucial in the first phase and in the next phase lingering symptoms may be experienced, which are not life-threatening.

Heroin detox

Heroin is world’s most dangerous addiction to overcome. Without medical supervision it is unsafe and destined for failure. In first phase, nervous system accustomed to opioid narcotic displays excruciating withdrawal symptoms. In second phase, craving is extremely great, which patients cannot handle without support system. Therefore medical supervised detox helps safe and effective way to stop the use of heroin.

Meth detox

With meth withdrawal, the patient struggles with psychological symptoms making them intensely uncomfortable. Cravings are so intense that leads patient into using meth again. Therefore meth detox is not suggested to be done on your own. Get registered in a licensed detox center, so as to gain a secure environment [no access to intoxicating substance] where you will obtain consistent medical supervision.

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