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Are You the Culprit? Ways You Are Hurting Your Feet

When it comes to health and wellness, most people are willing to spend their money on makeup, clothes, and age-defying creams. One important body part often gets neglected, even though it is the foundation of the body that can help a person move and walk. People will only mind their feet when they experience foot pain or problems.

If this is true for you, it is likely that you are unknowingly hurting your feet. You may not realise it, but some of your habits may be compromising your foot health and setting you up for pain and problems in the future. Here are a few ways you might be hurting your feet:

You are Wearing the Wrong Shoes

The right pair of shoes should be the right size and fit comfortably. If they are too narrow, too tight, or too high, you put more pressure in your feet, with the toes bending into hammertoes. Ill-fitting shoes, furthermore, may cause the toe to rub against your footwear, resulting in more pain and irritation. Podiatrists suggest investing in the right shoes that fit well and don’t put pressure on the toes. 

You Don’t Stretch Your Feet

You may not know it, but daily stretching is important for your foot health, particularly if you don’t exercise daily. This will help you avoid plantar fasciitis, which is the one of the leading causes of heel pain. It involves the inflammation and irritation of the tissues on the bottom of your feet. Arch supports can be beneficial, as well as doing foot stretching before engaging in any workout. 

You Always Wear High Heels or Ballet Flats

Stilettos can make you look sexier, but wearing them daily can put a lot of pressure on your feet. It can also contribute to a host of problems, including bursitis, stress fractures, and sprained ankles. It is also not advisable to wear ballet flats too often, as they don’t provide proper support to your arches and may cause plantar fasciitis. Consider wearing different shoes daily. 

You Don’t Wear Socks

If you intentionally put on your shoes without socks, your footwear and your feet will smell. Keep in mind that your feet are prone to sweating and slipping socks on helps absorb sweat, avoid fungus build-up, and prevent the onset of athlete’s foot. It is important to wear the right socks to keep your feet dry. You should also change them daily to avoid bacteria and fungus build up. 

You Have Flat Feet

This may not be a habit, but it is important to know that the shape of your feet can cause discomfort. Having flat feet, for instance, strains the ligaments inside the ankles, while having a high arch strains the ligament outside the ankles. This can run in families and if you have flat feet, you can benefit from customised foot orthotics. Podiatrists suggest they provide foot support and prevent injuries. 

You Have an Ingrown Nail

If you cut the corner of your nail but then leave some behind, know that it can grow deep into the skin, resulting in ingrown nail. When left ignored or not dealt with properly, it can be painful and cause bacterial infection. You can soak your feet in warm water to decrease inflammation. Ingrown toenail surgery may also be ideal if your condition is severe or recurrent.

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