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Crowdfunding for Glaucoma Treatment


Glaucoma, diseases of the eyes, has long been known as a silent stealer of vision. In fact, it’s very common in older adults. Glaucoma is caused due to increased fluid pressure in the eye, due to which the nerve connecting the eye to the brain gets damaged over time. The trouble with glaucoma is that it is a slowly progressive disease, so the symptoms of the sufferer may go unnoticed for a long time. As a result, many sufferers are only detected with glaucoma when the condition is it later stages. As per a research study, there are approximately 11.2 million people over the age of 40 years who are living with some degree of glaucoma. At Impact Guru, we realize that many of these people may not have access to quality medical diagnostics and treatments, due to their financial background. This article will explore the ways in which crowdfunding India websites can be of assistance to those who are unable to afford medical treatment. Additionally, it will explore ways in which fundraising ideas in this space can reduce the burden of this disease in India.

Free eye check-ups for the economically challenged

Just like there are free health checkups and camps in area where the medical facilities are lacking/ people in those regions cannot afford expensive eye tests, crowdfunding India websites can be used to raise money to organize routine eye check up for people over a certain age/ at risk of glaucoma.

Free eye drops and medications for those affected

For the people who’ve been diagnosed with glaucoma, you can start an online fundraising campaign with crowdfunding platforms in India like Impact Guru, to provide financial assistance in purchasing medications and eye drops. Bare in mind that most people diagnosed with it would have to use certain drops for their entire lifetime, which could be a huge financial burden to poor families.

Educating people on preventive measures

While there is no known cause of glaucoma, there are certain trigger and other diseases that may contribute or aggravate glaucoma. For instance, someone who is on corticosteroids for a long period of time, or a diabetic, or genetic predisposition, may be at higher risk. Educating people on preventive measures, as well as symptoms early on is an important step in prevention of any disease.

Fund surgical procedures to treat glaucoma

For advanced stages or cases that have resulted in blindness, medical professionals may recommend surgery – trabeculoplasty, viscocanalostomy, or drainage implant, are the surgical procedures for glaucoma. Raise money online for yourself or a loved one who may need surgery but cannot afford the associated expenses.

Having been able to help many families with financial medical problems, we believe that glaucoma patients too must get the same monetary help if they need it. If you or anyone you know could use financial aid for treatment, start a crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru today.

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