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Should You Consult An Online Doctor?

In recent times the internet has brought a lot of convenience in our lives. Online health care is also one of the luxuries the internet has offered us.
Looking for best online doctors from Australia is becoming more and more popular with the growing times mainly because more and more people are now aware of the web.
But should one approach an online doctor for treatment? Well different people have different opinions. We’ll be talking about both sides.

Benefits Of Online Doctors/Physicians:
1) Convenient:

It is usually a lot more easy for people to be able to seek medical advice while sitting at home.
It saves time and effort. Some people who face travel discomfort find treatment from online doctors much better.

2) Instant Answers:
        Online doctors typically reply in an instant. In case of emergency you can instantly get medical advice from your online doctors.

3) 24 Hour Service:
You are not bound by time. No matter what hour of the day or night it is you can get quick medical assistance. Online doctors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

4)  Choosing Your Doctor:
 You can choose a doctor according to your liking. Sometimes, it can be quite embarrassing for most of us to describe our problems to a doctor we are not comfortable with. So, choosing a doctor according to your liking is a huge benefit in order to have a reliable check-up.

5) Lower Prices:
Relatively costs less than in hospitals, especially beneficial for people living in small towns who have to travel for treatment in hospitals.

6) Rural Areas:
People living in the rural areas don’t have hospitals near them. Thus the service of online doctors proves to be very beneficial for them.
7) Second opinions:
you can easily get second opinions from different doctors on the internet, this is not easy if you are visiting doctors at a clinic or hospital and can cost you more.

Diadvantages Of Online Doctors/ Physicians:
1) Physical Examination:
The doctor can not physically check you. A video call cannot be as detailed as a proper physical examination by the doctor in a hospital. This consequently results in an improper diagnosis. Detailed physical examination by the doctor is required for a proper diagnosis.

2) Lab Tests:
In some cases laboratory tests are necessary which are not possible if you’re seeing an online doctor. This may cause complications.

3)Technical Faults:
As you are having your checkup over the internet there is no reliability that the internet connection won’t break.

4) Fault In Diagnosis:
A number of times the online doctor cannot properly detect the problem because of no physical assessment of the patient and end up prescribing the wrong medications which is very dangerous.

 Online medical treatment has both its advantages and downsides.
It is best that you visit your personal doctor at a clinic or hospital whenever you get the time.
But if for whatever reason you cannot visit a doctor yourself you can use this online service as   well.


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