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Few of the most common complications of cosmetic surgery – Stay aware of the reality

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is one of those procedures which restores and reshapes the form of your body. Though this term is associated with all kinds of beautification processes, it includes a broad range of operations which include craniofacial surgery, reconstructive surgery, burn treatment and many more.

If you have to take into account sites like, you’ll get to know more on the best cosmetic surgeons and how they have planned each and every procedure. Just as every process comes with its risks and challenges, here are some of the common complications that you can get after a plastic surgery.

#1: Hematoma

Have you ever seen a large enough pocket of blood which looks similar to a painful bruise? If answered yes, this is what is known as hematoma and it takes place in 1-6% of the people who undergo breast augmentation surgery. This is also a common complication after a facelift surgery. Hematoma is something that may occur with all surgeries and the treatment sometimes includes draining out of the additional and excess blood.

#2: Infection

Though one has to take post-operative care which includes all sorts of steps to ensure that you don’t get infection, it is still considered to be one of the biggest complications of plastic surgery. In case of breast augmentation surgeries, there is a sort of skin infection called cellulitis which takes place in 2-4% people. There are few cases where the infection can also be severe and internal as well.

#3: Damage to nerves

For different surgical procedures, there might be possibilities of a nerve damage. Tingling and numbness are few of the most common feelings faced by people who have undergone cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery. These are nothing but signs of nerve damage. Most women who go through breast augmentation surgery experience an alteration of sensitivity and 20% permanently lose the sensation of their nipples.

#4: Scarring

Surgery will also be leading to some kind of scarring. As cosmetic surgery means you will wish to change the way you look to something better, scars will always be unwelcomed. Among 2-5% of women who have undergone breast augmentation surgeries can face hypertrophic scarring which is a red and thick raised scar.

Therefore, when you’re all set to go under the knife to opt for a surgery, you should always set realistic expectations so that you don’t ever feel that you didn’t get the desired results. Also choose the best plastic surgeon who has had enough experience in your field.

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