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Common Causes Of Cervical Cancer

There are more and more women who are suffering from cervical cancer. Most of them were wondering how they got the disease. One of the most common regrets is that they were only able to discover the disease when it has already gotten worst. This is why getting a cervical cancer vaccine is very important. For people who don’t know what cervical cancer is, it is a type of cancer that occurs at the entrance of the uterus. The cervix is also known as the womb’s neck. A tumor has developed in the cervix caused by the abnormal growth of cells.

Most women who experience cervical cancer are those who reach the age of 30. Cervical cancer is not experienced by everyone but it’s important that everyone knows what causes it. Knowing the symptoms of cervical cancer is a helpful way in combating the disease as well. Here are some common causes of cervical cancer that you need to be aware of:


Sexually Active At An Early Age, Having More Than One Sexual Partner

People who become sexually active at an early age and those who have more than one sexual partner are likely to have a sexually transmitted disease called HPV or Human Papilloma Virus. HPV is a virus that can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. This virus develop abnormal cells that cause cervical cancer. There are different types of sexually transmitted disease that can cause cervical cancer to develop. Some of the examples are gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia. Though studies show that women who started to become sexually active at an early age and people who have multiple sexual partners are more prone to develop cervical cancer, it doesn’t mean that women who don’t have sexual partners or have only one partner will not have cervical cancer.

Social Economic Status

According to research, there are increased chances for women to develop cervical cancer if they belong to poor environment. Also, most people who do hard labor are more likely to develop cervical cancer than those who don’t do heavy manual work.  Women who don’t have the privilege to go on a regular screening have are more prone to cervical cancer as well.


Several Pregnancies And Pregnancy At A Young Age

Women who had given birth at a very young age have increased chances of having cervical cancer compared to women who had given birth at the age of 25 going up. It’s the same with women who already have given birth three times or more. The cervix can be more susceptible to the HPV effect because of the hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy.

Taking Contraceptive Pills And Smoking

Taking contraceptive pills and smoking have the same probable effect in a woman’s body that can develop cervical cancer. Contraceptive pills are made up of chemicals that cause abnormal hormone cycles. Smoking is has the same as the contraceptive pills because it weakens the woman’s immune system.

Weak Immune System

Women who have a weak immune system can also develop cervical cancer. Women who underwent a transplant or those who have HIV also have higher chances of having cervical cancer since their immune system is not stable.  When the body’s immune system is weak, it wouldn’t be able to fight bacteria or virus.

Long Term Stress

Women who are mentally stressed for a long period of time can develop cervical cancer as well since stress weakens the body and mind. Stress undermines the capability of fighting HPV. Being under mental stress for a very long time can weaken your body’s immune system. Though research is not very clear as to why stress affects your body, it is still much better if we avoid having too much stress.

It is important for us to know what causes cervical cancer so we will be able to avoid it. Prevention is better than seeking cure. Let’s not wait until it’s too late. Having cervical cancer vaccine is also a good preventative measure. Cervical cancer at its terminal stage can be very difficult and almost impossible to cure. Many women all over the world are experiencing cervical cancer. Do not be one of them. Know the causes and avoid them. Start living a healthy lifestyle and visit your doctor regularly for screening.

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