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Choosing the Right Condom for Your First Sexual Experience

If you are planning to have your first sexual experience, one of the things you should focus on is safety for both you and your partner. And while there is no such thing as totally safe sex (unless you abstain) you can guarantee safer sex by using condoms. Unfortunately, for the first time users, buying condoms can be quite overwhelming –the awkwardness and self-conscious feeling when you are buying condoms, not to mention dealing with the pressure and expectation of what your first time will be like. However, with the right guidance, you can be able to choose the right condom and make sure that your first time is both great and safe. 

Why should you use condoms during sex? 

1. They help to reduce the risk of contracting STDs

One of the main reasons why you should always use condoms is that they help to protect you and your partner from STD infections. These include treatable infections such as gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, and Chlamydia to the most dangerous infections such as HIV. More info at Therefore, when you are planning to have sex, using condoms should always be a priority. 

2. They help in preventing unwanted pregnancies 

Another advantage of using condoms is that they help to protect from unplanned pregnancies. This is very beneficial, especially if you or your partner are in their early teen years, where getting pregnant can interfere with your education and career aspirations. Therefore, you should always use condoms as a way of protecting from unwanted pregnancies. This should apply even when using birth control pills, as they are not 100% effective; using condoms alongside pills helps to increase effectiveness.

3. They are affordable and convenient 

Condoms are affordable and very easy to get, unlike birth control pills, which are expensive and cannot be sold to you unless you are 18 years or have a doctor’s prescription. Therefore, if you want to have protected sex with your partner, using condoms is a more convenient option. 

4. They help to build trust between you and your partner

Using condoms during sex helps to show that you care enough about your partner to protect them from the risk of being infected with STDs. This helps to create an element of trust and understanding between the two of you, which can make the experience more satisfying and blissful; without the pressure of having unprotected sex, you can both be able to enjoy the experience more. 

Tips on buying condoms for the first time

Buying condoms is not an easy task, especially if it is your first time where you will most likely be nervous and embarrassed as you are paying the cashier. On top of that, you have to make sure that you select the best condom, which is not easy when you are in a hurry to get out of the store before everyone finds out you are buying condoms. Fortunately, for you, you can be able to make the experience less embarrassing, and at the same time, pick the right size of the condom. Below is a look at some tips on how to buy the best condom for your first sexual experience, described in detail more here

Buy condoms online 

If you have never bought condoms before, you might decide to rush to your nearest supermarket or drug store. However, this is not a very good idea and you should avoid it if possible due to the following reasons:

1. When buying condoms in a store, you are most likely to experience a good deal of embarrassment, even if you time when there are few customers.

2. When buying condoms in a store, you are always self-conscious and thus in a hurry to make the purchase and get out of the store. Therefore, your decision will be based on what is available first instead of the best condom. 

3. There are a limited variety of options to choose from. Therefore, you are more likely to buy the best available condom instead of the best condom

Therefore, when you are buying a condom for your first sexual experience, you should consider buying from an online store (such as, where the process is more discreet. Buying condoms online also provides you with several options to choose from, which helps to make sure that you find the most suitable type. 

Choose the right size

Finding the right condom size is important, but it is more important when you are having sex for the first time. This is because it helps you to avoid problems such as slipping, breakage, or leaking, which can make the first time very awkward. Therefore, when you are choosing the condom to buy, you should make sure that it is the right size. 

Pick the right material 

Another factor to consider when buying condoms is the material. There are two types of condoms to consider in this category: latex and non-latex condoms. Latex condoms are the most popular, but there have been reported cases where some people are allergic to them. Therefore, if you or your partner is (or suspect you are) allergic to latex, you should buy non-latex condoms. This will help to prevent an embarrassing situation where you or your partner develops rashes, itchiness, vaginal dryness, and other problems that can make the experience awkward. 

Go for safer options

When buying condoms online, you have several options to consider, which range from ultra-thin pleasure-enhancing condoms to performance enhancing, and ultra-safe condoms. While it is okay to experiment with various options, safety for you and your partner should be the priority, and thus it is a good idea to choose a condom that offers more protection. With time, you can talk with your partner and agree to experiment with more pleasure enhancing options. 

Combine condoms with lubricants

Lubricant is another important consideration when you are buying a condom, especially if it is the first time for both of you. Using a lubricant will enhance the natural lubrication, prevent vaginal dryness, and prevent pain and discomfort. This will help to make the experience more pleasurable for both of you. 


When having your first sexual experience, it is important that you protect yourself and your partner from STDs and unplanned pregnancy by using condoms. This is especially so if you and your partner plan on having a long-term sexual relationship, which is not likely to happen if you give her an STD or pregnancy scare the first time. 

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