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Causes and Symptoms of Oxycontin Addiction


It is highly possible that you have not heard of oxycontin or even Oxycontin addiction.  However, if you hear the phrase ‘prescription drug addiction’ you will; almost certainly, have heard of this before.  This is probably because there have been several high profile celebrity deaths from this type of addiction.  This shows the dangers involved in this type of addiction and the difficulties in obtaining effective treatment.  When dealing with Oxycontin addiction it is essential to enlist the assistance of a rehab clinic that specializes in dealing with these types of addictions and can offer the best possible support and treatment options.

Unfortunately, all it takes to develop this addiction is an addictive personality and a need for relief from constant pain.  Your doctor can prescribe this drug and it will perform admirably at controlling your pain; until you realize that you are addicted and your life starts to revolve around where you can get your next ‘hit’ of Oxycontin from.  The most common approaches are shopping around doctors to get additional prescriptions or finding them on the black market.  They are already a popular alternative to heroin.

Main Causes

Obviously the addiction starts from a prescription provided with good intent by your doctor.  However, it is difficult to pinpoint why some people develop an Oxycontin addiction and others do not.  There are established links with genetics; anyone who has a genetically connected relative struggling with addiction is more likely to become addicted to Oxycontin.  It is also possible that the addiction is more prevalent in people with lower levels of dopamine in their brains.  This reduces the ability to feel pleasure and has been linked with thrill seekers and drug takers as they need to feel pleasure to feel alive.

There are, of course, links to the environment people were raised in; the more you have been exposed to addictions of any nature the more likely it is that you will see it as a suitable way to handle pressure.  Finally, there are several studies which show that this drug is often self-prescribed by people who are struggling with mental issues.  They are unwilling to obtain a professional diagnosis and source their own drugs which can often lead to an addiction.


There are a range of symptoms commonly associated with those who have become addicted to Oxycontin:

  • Depression, often followed by euphoria on a never ending cycle is common. This is as the effects of the drug come and go.
  • Anxiety and irritability are likely to accompany these symptoms; particularly when more Oxycontin is needed.
  • It is also common for sufferers to hide the fact they are using the drug, or the amount they are using. You may find that they are borrowing other people’s prescriptions or even taking money in order to find their habit.  Another common solution to acquiring more drugs is simply to ‘lose’ their prescription frequently.
  • Physical symptoms include drowsiness, nausea, constant itching; sweating, constipation and the usual pupil constriction. It is also possible that a sufferer will have dry mouth, respiratory issues and frequent headaches.
  • It is also possible that they will suffer from hallucinations, paranoia or even delusions.

If you or a loved one appear likely to be suffering from an Oxycontin addiction it is imperative to seek professional help as soon as possible.

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