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Modern Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is a form of cosmetic surgery that deals with the breaking up and sucking of fat from different body parts. Usually, these parts are those that the clients will specify. Liposuction is also described by using other words, such as lipoplasty, liposculpture suction and lipectomy. It is a minimally invasive procedure with permanent results….

Green Coffee & Weight Loss

People have used coffee for nearly four centuries. In fact it’s difficult to find a person who never drank coffee. Perhaps you are an experienced user of coffee too? You can probably discern the taste of Arabic coffee from Brazilian, Ethiopian or Indonesian. However, there are plenty of people who have never heard of green…

 3 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Enhance Metabolic Rate

You may wonder why your best friend can eat all the tasty junk food – yet she is as slim as she was a couple of years back. The answer lies in the metabolism, which is also called the engine of the body. This is responsible to burn calories and because of genetics some people…

Equipment You Should Have In Your Home CrossFit Gym

CrossFit has easily become one of the most popular workout trends in history, but one look at those who get results and it’s easy to see why. Put simply: CrossFit gets results. But looking at the trend a little more closely and you will see that, in fact, the thing that really gets the results…

What Are the Benefits of Kickboxing?

While everyone is scrambling to find the next great workout trend, maybe you could take a smarter approach and just participate in a sport—or its training—that has been proven to provide many great health benefits.  Enroll in Academie Frontenac kickboxing Montreal, for example, and you might find many of the best health benefits that so…

Reiki – The Traditional Art of Healing and it is Benefits

We’ve been getting numerous questions on the advantages of Reiki. Everybody has heard about Reiki but they are sceptical by what Reiki can provide. For the simplicity of the visitors and individuals who would like to learn Reiki, let’s talk of about Reiki and it is benefits. Origin of Reiki Reiki is discovered by Dr….

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