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There are so many care homes to choose from these days and you can find them in all corners of the country from residential care homes in Watford to private care homes in Warrington. Some are privately funded, whilst others rely on the government to keep them running. The Care Trust, a company who audit all manner of government departments has criticised the government-run homes for their below-par levels of interior design quality.

The government have responded to these claims by stating that they aim to increase their spend on retirement home maintenance by 15% over a five-year period. The money will be spent on getting new painted furniture into the homes and improving the overall interior design and decorations to both modernise and brighten up the buildings.

Alister Pride from The Care Trust stated that it definitely wasn’t an issue of not having high enough standards of cleanliness. “We had no issue with tidiness or hygiene in the retirement homes” explained Pride. “We just felt the many homes had not kept up with the times and the décor was very drab”. People living in care homes don’t have a great deal of input into the interior design, despite many not being happy with the current one. He continued to say that they were very happy that the government had listened to their recommendations and they look forward to seeing the improvements.

The way the government has decided to tackle the problem is by creating specialist teams of designers and decorators to visit the homes. “The last thing we wanted was to just give the homes more money and watch it disappear on admin costs” stated a government spokesman. The specialist teams will visit the retirement homes in person over a 5-year time period and implement new décor and needed items such as bedroom furniture. They will also be implementing colour schemes into the buildings and replacing old and decrepit items with new pieces like bedside tables and dining chairs.

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