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What Can You Expect from a Professional Hearing Test?

Going for a hearing test is an easy job, but the tough part is to schedule the test and later acknowledging that you have a hearing loss. A lot of people suffer from hearing loss, but only a few goes for the hearing test and still a smaller percentage of those who go for test acknowledge the fact that they have a problem.

If you have shown courage and booked a test for yourself, here is what you can expect from it. It is a very easy and non-invasive process that aims to tell you the condition of your hearing and if a problem is found then a suitable treatment is recommended.

How the Test Proceeds?

Let’s say you have booked a test at Audiology Centre West. Once you arrive at the designated time, you will start by submitting some paperwork. Once that is done, you will proceed with hearing analysis.

Hearing Analysis

This is where your ears are examined by the doctor visually using an otoscope. This physical examination determines if the person has any anatomical problem. Thus, any issue related to the ear canal, eardrum, or accumulation of surplus of earwax are eliminated at this stage.

Basic Participation Hearing Tests

With a headset securely placed over your head with earphones, the person is asked to listen to beeps, also known as pure-tone sounds. He/she then needs to respond if and when they hear the sound.  The audiologist also asks the person to repeat certain words that are delivered at varied volumes with and without the background noise.

Basic Non-Participation Tests

Here, you are only required to follow some simple instructions and based on that the information about your hearing system is collected. This acoustic immittance test records information like the status of the middle ear and eardrum and the functioning of the bones in the middle ear. If some advanced tests are required, then the doctor can assess the functioning of your ear and the balance system.

Concluding the Results

Based on these tests the hearing care provider will draw a conclusion. Talking independently about each ear, he/she will characterize your hearing as normal or as exhibiting mild, moderate or severe hearing loss.

In case you have any hearing problem, then the next and final step is obviously talking about the treatment options.

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