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For The Best Results From Your Invisalign Treatment, Use These Tips

The use of Invisalign as a tooth straightening treatment is gaining popularity over the metal braces due to the subtle and comfortable fitting it gives to users. One advantage of this treatment is that the tailor-made aligners are removable, which makes it possible to brush effectively and eat all you want without having to worry about distorting their shape. But note that your routine would have to be slightly modified while using this treatment, although it is generally accepted by teenagers and adult users as a great orthodontic solution. For the best experience and result after adjusting to the Invisalign life, consult a reliable and experienced professional like Oracare Centre Dentaire and at the same time, follow these useful tips outlined below.

#1:Do Not Remove Your Aligners For No Reason

Unless you want to eat, drink or brush, do not fall for the temptation of removing your aligners. As a matter of fact, dentists recommend you wear it for at least 20 hours a day. This is because it supports a quick alignment of your teeth. So, get used to them and don’t be quick to take them out whenever you feel odd with them in your mouth.

#2:Brush Regularly

To protect the shape and overall integrity of your aligner, it is advised that you brush regularly after eating or drinking colored foods or drinks. Failure to do so can cause food particles stuck in between your teeth to distort the shape of the aligner which impedes the alignment process. Also the aligner can get stained with food colors, so always keep a toothbrushclose. Ensure you brush your teeth properly and rinse your mouth properly before wearing your aligners back on.

#3:Be Careful With Cleaning

Don’t be overly desperate that during cleaning of your aligners to keep them fresh. Be careful not to use toothpaste and other substances that are too abrasive. Don’t use hot water either to avoid warping. A good way to clean your aligners is to use warm water and a mild soap. It is enough to give the fresh, shining look that you desire.

#4:Keep You Aligners in The Case When Not in Use

When you need to eat or bush, take out your aligners but make sure you keep them safe and clean in their case. Do not wrap them in tissue and drop them anywhere because they can be hard to find if misplaced due to their clear and transparent nature.


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