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Anavar: Sold in 10 mg

Anavar is also known as Oxandrolon steroid. It is brand name of this drug in the United States of America. Anavar has been sold in the form of 10mg. The steroid does not make one the biggest and potent person. But, it will help to burn fat and make one’s body look rugged and ripped.Many times the fats that are burnt, burn the muscle mass too and is irreversible in most cases.  Anavar 10 mg tend to cause less pressure on liver and also does not cause any mood swings.

Sales of Anavar:

Anavar has been not available in many countries. Although approved by Food and Drug Administration, this drug is sold in the most controlled manner. Thus, many people purchase this drug in the black market and one should understand that it is not a cheap product which can be purchased at any place. To obtain this product, in most countries, it requires prescription from a certified physician.

Anavar does not aromatize:

In 1964, it was first sold in United States of America with the name of Anavar and was manufactured in the factory of Searle. Initially, it was sold as mild anabolic steroid that makes children grow. It is often talked about steroids that, they hinder growth in the children. Since, estrogen causes decrease in height, thus most of the females height is less.

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Anavar for preventing bone breakage:

As a matter of fact, this potential drug is used to treat osteoporosis in elderly aged people. Osteoporosis is weakening of bones and decrease in strength, which leads to breakage and raptures. Because of this benefit, people in 80’s started thinking differently and they started using Anavar in 10mg only. In United States of America, it is available with the brand name of Oxandrin.Oxandrin is prominently used for treatment of HIV. Visit to learn more.

How Anavar reacts?

Anavar does not show immediate effects on muscles and it does not show any significant and fast signs of masculinity. Although slightly anabolic in nature, it does not show hard effects. This is due to the fact that, it consist of dihydrotestosterone. Any compound of testosterone is known to contain anabolic steroidal properties. Hence, the masculinity is nominal. Since it has low levels of 5 alpha, it is not very strong in composition of testosterone. Thus, this product cannot be supplemented for any steroidal or testosterone treatment. The similar problems occur with other drugs like Winstrol and Promobolan, hence they are stacked with other drugs during cycle.

Dosage of Anavar:

You can consume 10mg pill of Anavar on daily basis for building stronger and tougher muscles. It is usually very light when it comes to bulking up the muscles. Nevertheless, it has lot of potential to provide lean muscles. Most men use the pill in dosage of 20 to 50mg per day. It is sufficient to achieve good results. If you take two to five pills of 10 mg per day, it will show immediately faster within weeks. This may make your physique look better and improve your strength ridiculously.

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