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A CLEN-cyclopedia Of Weight Loss and Fitness

What is Clenbuterol? Clenbuterol is a sympathomimetic amine commonly used by asthma patients and people with breathing disorders because of its bronchodilator properties. Clenbutrol is also available as Clenbuterol hydrochloride. Clenbutrol  is also a steroid that is used for weight loss while keeping the lean muscles intact. Clenbuterol stimulates Beta-2 receptors which mean it targets the stored fat calories first.

Clenbuterol is an effective weight loss steroid as it increases the metabolic rate which increases the body temperature and cuts the stored fat while keeping the lean muscle intact. It increases the Basal metabolic rate (BMR) while being an anticatabolic and anabolic.

The US Food and Drug Administration has not approved it as a therapeutic drug and is also banned for IOC tested atheletes.Image result for A CLEN-cyclopedia Of Weight Loss and Fitness

Due to higher muscle to fat ratio Clenbuterol is banned in meat in USA since 1991 and since 1996 in European Union. Countries like China, USA and EU do not allow for food producing animals, but some countries have approved it in food producing animals due to its therapeutic use.

Weight Loss and Cutting Cycle

Before we start talking about clenbuterol  as a weight loss drug and its cutting cycle it is important to know that Clenbuterol helps in weight loss only when it is combined with effective workout. Clenbuterol on its own won’t result in weight loss. When combined with exercise it effectively cuts that last stubborn fat lump, but if you are slightly or highly overweight it is recommended that you first reduce your weight by exercising bring it close to normal and then add clenbuterol along with your usual workout.

Cutting cycle is the time taken or planned to reach the desired weight with proper segmentation. Clenbuterol comes in different cycles but the most common ones are two days on/ two days off  And two weeks on/two weeks off.

In two days on/two days off high dosage of clenbuterol is consumed for two days and then stopped for two days. The cycle is continued until you reach the desired weight.

In a two week on/two week off cycle the dosage of clenbuterol starts with 20 mcg and goes upto 140 mcg. After two weeks of takings the dose a rest of two weeks is given until you start again.

The calculation is simple you start with 20mcg and gradually keep increasing it until the set target is achieved. So if you stopped at 80mcg then after two weeks you will start with 80mcg and slowly keep increasing it until you reach 140 mcg. One can notice intolerable side effects of a Clen Cycle. Clenbutrol must never be taken for more than two weeks. There must be a gap of same number of days/weeks for which clenbutrol is taken. So if clenbutrol is taken for 2 days in high doses then there should be a gap of two days before resuming with higher dose, and if clenbutrol is taken for two weeks with gradual increase in dose then after two weeks there must be a rest period for two weeks before resorting to higher dose.



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