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7 Ways Playing Tennis Can Benefit Your Child

Signing your child up for tennis lessons will expose them to an excellent sport, likely leading to a lifelong passion for this game. But beyond that, tennis can benefit your little ones in several ways.

Although tennis might not be as popular as football, it is certainly a great option for youngsters. Kids who are encouraged to play tennis while they are still young will have plenty of time to build lifelong healthy habits through the sport. Because they have plenty of energy, tennis is a great fit as a child’s activity.

If you are a parent deciding which sports can benefit your kids the most, tennis is an excellent choice to consider. The best tennis coaches often cite these seven ways that playing tennis will help your child grow healthy and fit.

1. Tennis improves social skills

Tennis allows your child to play with another person, whether they choose to play singles or doubles, and practices are often in a group setting. In fact, the best way to improve is to meet against other children. This game gives them the opportunity to socialize with partners and opponents alike. They will be surrounded by people with the same goals and sporting interest, which makes socialization even easier.

2. It boosts brain power

Playing tennis requires mental alertness and tactical thinking. This means that your child’s brain is prompted to function so they can find a strategy that will beat their competitors.

Moreover, sports can regulate serotonin, a brain chemical associated with functions like appetite, emotional state, and sleep. So if your child is having a hard time falling asleep or controlling their emotions, let them hit the tennis court.

3. It enhances balance and flexibility

Tennis is a sport that requires the players to constantly move, change direction, and stretch their body to keep the ball in play. As your child stretches and maneuvers for the ball, their flexibility, balance, and agility will drastically improve.

4. It strengthens the bones

Studies have shown that playing tennis can help strengthen your child’s bones, making them stronger and minimizing the possibilities of breaks, fractures, and even osteoporosis as they get older.

5. It promotes fine and gross motor skills, and hand-eye coordination

Tennis lessons will teach your kids to make specialized hits like drop shots, angled volleys, and lobs – all of which can condition the smaller muscle groups. And this can result in increased muscle precision. In addition, large muscle groups will be conditioned as well because, in tennis, your child constantly moves around the court.

And since your child will always be put in a position wherein they must judge when to establish contact as the ball approaches, their hand-eye coordination will be improved. Often, this is a skill that takes a finer approach than other sports.

6. It prevents and fights off illnesses

The physical and mental conditioning that your child can get from playing tennis will help improve their immune system. And this is crucial to fighting off viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that cause different kinds of illnesses.

The running that is required in tennis can also strengthen your child’s heart and keep their cholesterol low – two crucial factors that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and strokes as they age.

7. It instills lifelong learning skills

Playing tennis will give your child the opportunity to learn skills that they can use throughout their lives. These include:

  • Discipline – During tennis lessons and games, your child must follow a certain schedule and obey the game’s rules. Over time, they will learn that this sport will need discipline to become a great tennis player.
  • Confidence – Tennis will help your child believe in their capabilities. The moment they hit the ball, they will feel capable. And once they win a match, they will realize that they can do something great – and that is a good foundation for becoming confident.
  • Patience – Tennis can’t be mastered overnight. Instead, it requires a series of practices. Your child will realize that only time and practice will make them a better tennis player.
  • Resilience – During a tennis match, there will be a winner and a loser. A great coach will guide your child to become more resilient each time they lose, making sure that they will win the next game.

These benefits are enough reasons for you to get your child into tennis. Just make sure to find the best tennis coach and school that will help your kids maximize their potential each time they hit the court.


Possessing more than two decades of experience in the leisure and hospitality industry, Tony Kouris joined Zayed Sports City as General Manager in January 2018. With extensive career experience, a value on interpersonal relationships, and strong negotiating experience, he is positioned to support Zayed Sports City’s strategic growth and continue to innovate the site as an internationally recognised sport and entertainment destination.


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