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5 Tips You should Know About Ayahuasca

It is very easy to opt for medical healing for any kind of physical or psychological issues. Of late, ayahuasca has opened up new avenues in the field of medical betterment both in terms of physical as well as mental issues. This is an age old conventional plant concoction found in the Amazon forests and specially prepared by the experienced shamans of the tribes to be taken in special rituals.

More highlights

Many tourists flock to the ayahuska retreats to get the ultimate experience for curing their emotional and bodily sufferings. However, it is always necessary to do a whole lot of research work before embarking on this Ayahuasca journey. There are special institutes called ayahuska retreat centers which allow people to prepare themselves for the drinking ceremony under the leadership of an adroit and good shaman.

Some things to know

As aforementioned, a lot of reference work is necessary before you decide to go for the Ayahuasca treatment.

  1. It is very important to note that Ayahuasca is tribal drink specially prepared by the experienced shamans of the Amazon tribes. So, you should not attempt to buy it and make it at home like a casual cup of tea.
  2. People who have suffered from severely traumatic experiences like accidents or abuse may have trouble getting on with their lives. As per a recent study paper, it is indicated that ayahuska helps people deal with post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.
  3. Another recent survey report suggests that since Ayahuasca consists of psychedelic ingredients, it aids to reduce the self harm tendencies in suicidal people.
  4. Not every individual has the same tolerance capacities. So, it is suggested that you take note of the fact this plant contains hallucinogenic properties which may lead individuals to have severe nausea, trance like conditions and diarrhea.
  5. The last tip would be to make a thorough enquiry of the resort and shaman you are going to be under during your ayahuska treatment.

Other inputs

The usage of ayahusaka is put through by many tourists who spend time, money and effort coming to the remote locations of Peru. So, it is highly recommended that you choose a safe and well experienced retreat and shaman for this experience. Many people get confused as to what is Dieta when they visit an ayahuska clinic. It is the mental, physical and psychological preparation for the important treatment.  

Some substances like caffeine, alcohol and tobacco are avoided to cleanse your system and your medical conditions are also evaluated. You can find reliable treatment centers near Tingo Maria.

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