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  5 Benefits of Biotin for Hair Growth and Strength

Biotin supplement has been in the news for its use in promoting growth, health, and fullness of hair. This is no wonder why there is so much hoopla about biotin supplement because it makes us look more attractive and beautiful.

There are different brands of biotin supplement on the market and sometimes it may be much of a herculean task trying to pick the right one. However, do these supplements really improve the health and appearance of our hair? First, let’s briefly describe this vitamin.

What is Biotin?

Biotin, or vitamin B7, is a water-soluble vitamin which plays a key role in our body metabolism. Biotin boosts the function of our brain, nerves, gut, and heart. Primarily, it helps our body to produce energy from the foods we eat.

Biotin is derived from the Greek word “biotos” meaning “ to sustain”. Biotin helps to sustain the health and strength of our hair, nails, and skin, hence the moniker “vitamin H”, with the letter H deriving from the German words “Haut” or “Haar” meaning “Hair and Skin”.

Biotin is a natural component of a lot of food sources including whole grains, milk, meat bananas, eggs, mushrooms, nuts, cauliflowers, avocados, and liver. Generally, raw foods contain more of this vitamin than cooked foods. The daily requirements of biotin for adults is about 30 mcg and these food sources are enough to provide this value. This value is much lower for children.

However, these supplements contain the vitamin in large amounts in order to achieve significant growth and health of our hair. These doses, usually between 5,000mcg and 10,000mcg, are considered safe, but you should consult your doctor before you use them.

Being water-soluble, this vitamin does not get stored in the body as it gets excreted freely in your urine. So, side effects are often rare and minimal.

Benefits of Biotin Supplements for Health Growth and Strength

If you have ever wondered how these supplements help make your hair fuller and healthier, the following tips provide answers to those questions of yours.

Reduce Hair Loss

Studies have shown that vitamin B deficiency causes our hair to become thin, brittle, eventually leading to hair loss. Biotin, being part of the B-vitamin complex, maintains a healthy production of keratin which strengthens hair strands and holds them in place in the hair follicles.

The American Pregnancy Association has recommended intake of biotin for pregnancy-related hair loss, which occurs as a result of biotin deficiency.

Heal and Moisturize Skin

According to studies in the University of Maryland, shampoos containing biotin helps to moisturize and heal the skin, removing dry skin flakes which may block hair follicles. If follicles are blocked, the growth of hair is impeded.

Strengthen and Thicken Hair

Biotin boosts the production of keratin, the protein in skin, hair, and nails, making each stronger and healthier. Researchers at the University of Maryland confirmed that hair loss in children can be treated effectively with this vitamin supplement mixed with zinc and clobetasol propionate.

Grow Hair

Biotin is essential for hair growth. It does not only do this by boosting energy production needed for this process, it influences the cycle of production and death of cells, the cell cycle. It potentiates the growth phase of hair cells, making them grow faster and longer.

Repair of Skin and Hair

When the skin breaks down abnormally as in certain diseases, the tissues need energy and nutrients to rebuild and repair itself, and biotin does this perfectly by boosting delivery of  nutrients and energy for tissue repair.

Most times, what happens to the skin may affect your hair – some skin disorders such as fungal infections or nutritional deficiencies may cause hair loss. If the skin is repaired with biotin supplements, the hair regain their strength and life span.

Biotin helps a lot to make us look beautiful, in addition to other functions it serves in our body. There is little research to confirm that biotin functions alone to reverse hair loss, the fact that deficiency in biotin causes hair loss and flaky skin suggests that it may contribute to the health of hair by improving the health of hair follicles, scalp, and the hair cell.

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