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4 Ways Sunny Weather Keeps Us Fit and Healthy

The snow is melting and spring is coming in the US and Europe. Exercising and living a healthier lifestyle is always easier, more fun, and even more beneficial when done in warmer weather. Here we explain a bit about why this is:

1) Sweat detoxifies the body

In the spring and summer months, the hot temperature makes us perspire a lot more during exercise, especially if we’re training outdoors under the sun instead of in an air conditioned gym. This increase in sweat helps keep our bodies healthy by detoxifying them of substances like alcohol, salt and cholesterol. Pamela Green from Discovery Fitness Consultants explains: “Many health experts believe that analysis of a person’s sweat can reveal a lot about what toxic substances are currently inside their bodies, just like analysing a person’s blood or urine.”

2) Vitamin D from solar rays

Vitamin D is one of the substances our bodies need in order to have the best chance of staying healthy. It’s not possible to get all the necessary amount of vitamin D from food alone, because the majority of foods which contain vitamin D only provide small amounts. For this reason, we also need sunlight. In the warm weather months, there are less clouds, so the sun’s rays shine down on us more often, and the rays are brighter and warmer, so carry more vitamin D, and finally, the days are longer, so the sun is in the sky shining its rays down on us for more hours each day.

3) Heat increases muscle flexibility

Exercising and playing sports in the warm weather carries less risk of injury to our muscles than doing so in cold weather. This is because heat relaxes the soft tissue inside our body and increases muscle and ligament flexibility. This is why it’s so important to warm up before doing any strenuous exercise. In contrast, cold weather has the opposite effect, meaning injury is more likely when exercising outdoors in the winter months.

4) Positive emotional state

Being outdoors in the fresh air is healthy in and of itself, and has a positive effect on a person’s emotional state, especially when combined with the endorphin releasing activity of exercise. We all know it’s so much easier for us to be outside in the warm weather. We get to take nice long walks through fields and parks without having to worry about wearing multiple layers to avoid catching a cold, as well as there being more time in the evenings before the sun goes down. In addition to the fresh air, the warm weather itself adds to the feel-good factor derived from being outdoors, motivating us to get out more and stay out for longer accumulating those emotional benefits.

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