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4 Ways Automated Prescription Systems Improve Health Care

When your medical office installs a Synmed Automated prescription medicine dispensary system you might quickly find yourself enjoying the many benefits of automation.  And the technology is still very new, meaning that even more innovations are on the way, providing more improvement over traditional systems.

Automated systems like this places medications ordered into blister cards thanks to several diverse functions designed to categorize, analyze, and even order inventory replacements.Image result for 4 Ways Automated Prescription Systems Improve Health Care


Among the many benefits of an automated prescription medication service is the freedom to program various interactive communications with the system.  The benefits of this, of course, could include:

    • an interface that will connect with the pharmacy counter to better track the inventory and sales through the drug management system
    • the coordination of selection, counting, and placing medications into seperate blister packs as adjudicated through reception in accordance with analysis of patient prescription needs and requirements
    • unparalleled speed and reliability over manual prescription prep


An automation process like this should involve consistent product pickup and positioning:

    • the automated system has pipettes which use suction to elevate and deposit medications into their respective blister packaging
    • a total of 7 pipettes correspond to the 7 rows of blister cards
    • these rows, then, can distribute several different types of medication simultaneously
    • each pipette is programmed to only extract the exact daily dosages of each of the prescribed medication for placement in each blister package
    • the machine also has detection sensors that provide unprecedented accuracy while also adhering to specific restrictions—as described in each prescription—to ensure safety


In each of the automated system’s positioning units you will find at least one pair of positioning trays.  These pairs provide:

    • simultaneous integration of each drug and exception drugs that may not be in the SynMed store at the time of distribution
    • sequential ordering of each blister pack
    • integration of each of exception drug as guided via the SynMed Assist program
    • multiple card grouping for each tray to ensure the utmost productivity


Finally, these automated systems can not only improve processing efficiency but also overall medicine storage.  This, then, provides for more options in terms of dispensing lots of diverse medications as might be needed according to the system’s automatic replenishment process.

    • keep and store as many as 572 different solid oral medications
    • manage your existing inventory
    • manage the order lot numbers
    • manage medicine expiration dates


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