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3 Ways CBD Can Improve Your Health

CBD comes from cannabis, which makes many wary of its properties and benefits. CBD has an array of benefits that make it worth trying. It also is sold in nearly every state at CBD medicinal shops. CBD is very different from recreational use of marijuana and should be considered a legitimate health supplement. Here are three ways CBD can improve and benefit your health.


When it comes to cancer-symptom treatment, curing cancer, and cancer precaution, CBD is widely discussed. CBD has been proven in many individual cases to lessen the symptoms following cancer treatments, including nausea and pain that radiation causes. CBD makes patients feel more comfortable when going through chemotherapy and other steps in the cancer treatment process.

Whether CBD can actually cure cancer or not is still being widely researched. Some studies in their early stages show that CBD can prevent the growth of cancer cells, but nothing can be definitively said just yet. Hopefully, in the near future, we will know the exact capabilities of CBD and its benefits to cancer patients. CBD has reduced inflammation in many cases where patients have self-prescribed CBD for pain. In the coming years, we expect to see more research that can tell us exactly what CBD does and doesn’t do to the body.

Weight Loss

Many don’t immediately think of CBD oil for weight loss purposes, but it has the ability to decrease appetite. CBD also has the ability to enhance the breakdown of fat in your body. This means you might be able to reach your weight loss goals sooner with the help of CBD, a healthy diet, and an exercise routine.

Studies have also shown that CBD can help release harmful toxins from the body that might be keeping you from losing weight. It could be just what your diet needs, but always be sure to talk to your nutritionist or doctor before making any major changes.

Anti-Seizure Properties and Neuroprotection

CBD has been widely studied as an oil that can treat epilepsy. A popular study worked with 214 participants diagnosed with epilepsy. These individuals added a daily CBD dose of 2 – 5mg to their existing anti-epilepsy medications. Researchers monitored the participants for three months and recorded any negative side effects while also checking the frequency of seizures. Participants had 36.5 percent fewer seizures per month, but, adverse effects were recorded in 12 percent of the participants. This means that CBD has the potential to treat and minimize seizures, but it hasn’t been studied enough to know the exact benefits. If it is found that it can cure seizures in some cases, such a result would be relatively better than previous epilepsy treatment. It may be worth bringing this up to your doctor if you or someone you know is epileptic.

Researchers are also studying CBD oil in regards to its ability to be neuroprotective. It has been found that it can help those with neurodegenerative disorders. CBD is being studied for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and strokes. CBD also has the ability to reduce inflammation that can make these neurodegenerative disorders worse.

CBD also has been studied in regards to mental health disorders such as anxiety, PTSD, and panic attacks. In the coming years, there will be many more studies showing the benefits of CBD oil for users with a variety of health backgrounds and needs.

It is important to bring awareness to CBD, as contrary to popular belief, it is quite beneficial. If you are interested in trying CBD, be sure to consult your doctor as you would when attempting any major lifestyle change.


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