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3 Tips for an Awesome Wake-and-Bake Morning

There’s nothing like a Wake-and-Bake in the morning. Often people in the arts, writing, and crafting professions find a new sense of creativity after a good wake-and-bake session. Whether you’re waking-and-baking to get your creativity flowing, to start the morning relaxed, or to go to an all you can eat breakfast buffet, what you choose to do immediately after your wake-and-bake can make or break your morning. If you’re like most people who wake-and-bake, you probably hit a soothing flavor of vape or cigarette, a nice hot cup of coffee, or baked goods right after your session.

Vapes and Cigarettes


Most recreational smokers also smoke tobacco products or vapes, so it is natural to have a cigarette or hit a vape stick right after a good wake-and-bake session.

There are so many different flavors of vapes, so it’s hard to smoke just one. Arguably though, the best kind of vape for the morning is a flavor that smells and tastes like your favorite breakfast food. The top smoke flavors to follow a wake-and-bake session are cinnamon toast crunch vape juice, menthol cigarette, and the all time favorite regular tobacco flavor. If you’re not big on eating in the morning, vaping with the cinnamon toast crunch vape juice is like smoking your favorite cereal. Best part is, you get all the flavor with no calories or trans fat.




Who doesn’t love coffee in the morning ? Well, drinking coffee after a wake-and-bake session could keep you awake longer. This is especially good for those who fall asleep right after a good wake-and-bake session. Regular old plain jane coffee isn’t always a fan favorite, but there are some great coffee clubs that will spruce up any morning— even for those who don’t like to smoke. Flavored coffee creamers like irish cream, donut flavor, and french vanilla can liven up your coffee if you like to keep things regular. Drinking coffee after a wake-and-bake session can also warm you up if you’re smoking outside in the winter. Nothing will bring your hands back to room temperature than a hot cup of java.

Baked goods


There is nothing more awesome than feeling the sensation of a warm cookie in your mouth right after a good wake-and-bake session. Baked goods in the morning have been forever the trend for most people who are on the run. Imagine just finishing a wake-and-bake session then grabbing a danish or a muffin while running off to work or college.

If you’re not big on baking or don’t want to visit a grocery store, there are several baked good subscriptions that send different types of goodies to your front door each month.

If you’re looking to awaken your inner creativity or just veg out on the couch, waking-and-baking may be the piece that is missing in your day. Combining your wake-and-bake session with an after smoke, a coffee, or a baked good could be the key to awaken your creative senses. A good vape can help to relax or give you a different flavor in your mouth. If your wake-and-bake session makes you want to go back to sleep, try a good cup of coffee to kick start your morning. If you’re using your wake-and-bake session to arouse your creativity, grabbing a baked good may be the quick fix you need to make your morning just that awesome.


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