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3 Conditions That Most People Didn’t Know A Podiatrist Could Possibly Treat

 Think that Podiatrist only treat aching feet, smelly feet, cracked heels and the like? Then, you have to think again! Podiatrists can treat ailments other than that.

You can even treat Morton’s neuroma at ModPod Podiatry for positive results! In addition to that, Podiatrist can also treat and help people with the following health condition and concerns:

  1. Diabetics

If you have diabetes, you are probably aware that you are more vulnerable to acquiring other ailments or complication on the other parts of your body. Our feet are one of the commonly affected body part once a person suffers from diabetes. Poor blood circulation is one of the primary concerns of people with diabetes since this can lead to the development of ulcers, which are not just unsightly and painful but also dangerous. Infections may then appear which can lead to amputation.

If you are suffering from diabetes, an annual foot examination will be needed to make sure that any foot problem that might lead to amputation can be treated immediately. Moreover, you have to refrain from treating any foot problem such as ingrown toenails, scrapes, cuts or grazes at home. Instead of doing home treatment, you better report it to Podiatrist.

Your ModPod podiatrist can give you pieces of advice on how to protect your foot and determine what activities and exercises you can do and what should be avoided. These help in assuring that the effects of diabetes will be minimize.

Trimming your toe nails

Did you know that trimming your toe nails can sometimes become fatal? Is this serious? Yes, it is.  Let us look at it this way: improper nail cutting can result to ingrown toenails. If ingrown toenails are not treated immediately, it can result to bone infection, and worse can end up to foot ulcers or gangrene. These conditions can be fatal.

What does this mean? You should not take so-called simple things like a badly cut nail lightly! If you unfortunately had ingrown toenails, you have to consider seeing a podiatrist. These foot specialists don’t just handle complex foot condition.  They will also take care of condition as “simple” as ingrown toenails!

Knee Problems

Yes, podiatrist does not only treat conditions of the foot. They also treat knee conditions and that even includes knee osteoarthritis. With age and due to tear and wear, the cartilage which is responsible for the seamless movement of our leg and feet can be damaged. This can cause problems with leg alignment as well as mobility.

In case you have knee problems, consider consulting a podiatrist Sydney City like ModPod Podiatry. This team of knowledgeable, professional and qualified Podiatrist can treat foot problems of all kind and guarantees best result. They can recommend strength building exercises and the necessary treatment for your condition. If needed, they can also do a surgery. If you need more information or want to set an appointment, just visit their website. Welcoming and friendly staff are always available to answer your queries and assist you with your concern.


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