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2 Big Tips on Maximizing Muscle Growth and Reducing Lower Back Pain

#1 – Use Proper Form When You’re in the Gym

One mistake I notice quite a bit when I’m in the gym is the way people incorrectly perform certain exercises. Using poor form, especially the heavier compound lifts, may aggravate the lower back and cause some pain. Using improper form may also hinder growth and progress of a certain muscle or the muscle group. When someone uses incorrect form, they may be utilizing a little too much of the secondary muscles in around the main muscle or muscle group.

This may interfere with maximum growth and the individual may not see the results that they may be looking form over a stretch of time. Improper form leads to working other muscles in the area, which assist the main muscle being worked, thus leading to an impartial growth of strength and size between the main muscle group and the secondary group.

The best solution to minimizing this occurrence is to strictly utilize proper form and slow movement of the exercise. Keep things in control. Connect the mind with the muscle and think about using only the specific muscle. This is called the Mind-Muscle connection. Using the mind to think about moving the muscle will help keep the secondary muscles in check and utilizing more of the main muscle being worked by a specific exercise.

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#2 – Strengthen the Lower Back Muscles

Many, many times people will strain their back by pulling a muscle or over working a weak back muscle. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen as often is strengthening the back muscles with certain key exercises.

When someone is in the gym, they tend to forget strengthening and conditioning many other muscle groups of the body. This is not their fault. They may not realize there are other muscles in the body that need some attention that they may be sharing with the “showy” type muscle such as the biceps and pecs.

Since many people suffer from this condition, they may not realize that they have weak areas where the muscles need some sort of fitness conditioning. This may be the case in the lower back. Deadlifting is an incredible lower back builder and is one of the best exercises for that purpose. When done right, deadlifting the barbell bar is one of the best lower back strengtheners. Please proceed with caution and strictly perform with proper form without using too much weight that you cannot handle.

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