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15 Smart Tricks for Losing 20 Pounds

If you are looking for ways to lose 20 pounds, you must have seen dozens of articles and advertisements online. Many claim how if you do “this” you will achieve your ideal weight or if you follow “that” diet you can lose 20 pounds in no time. While some of them might work, you must figure out what works for you best. It can be a diet, a workout regime or a combination of both! But whichever road you decide to go down, here are a few smart tricks to follow that can help you lose 20 pounds with a lot more ease.

  • Walk, Walk, Walk

Rather than only doing a lot of exercise at once, take walk breaks throughout the day. Little spurts of exercise are known to be very effective with weight loss.

  • Sleep Well

Not getting enough sleep has an impact on your weight as it regulates hormones ghrelin and leptin responsible for hunger and satiety. So sleep well!

  • Get Smaller Crockery

Eating in smaller plates and bowls leads to eating 20% less. So get yourself some smaller crockery and control your food portion.

  • Avoid Turning Coffee into a Catastrophe

You can easily drink the caloric equivalent of a cheeseburger in a harmless coffee. Switch to skim milk, avoid the whipped cream or extra sugars and get a smaller cup!

  • Drink Green Tea

Known to have 99 benefits, drinking green tea can help you lose weight a lot faster. Add some lemon drops in it for added benefits.

  • Ditch the Diet Soda

You think you are making a shift from regular soda to a better option but research shows artificial sweeteners make you crave sugar more! So ditch the soda altogether.

  • Listen to your mother, Eat Breakfast Every Day!

It is the most important meal of the day. People who eat breakfast can lose weight a lot faster than those who don’t.

  • Eat Eggs for Breakfast

High in proteins and low in carbs, eggs make the perfect breakfast for weight loss.

  1. Switch from Rice to Quinoa

Although it has carbs, Quinoa is rich in protein and fiber. Making it a great alternative to rice and a great weight loss food.

  • Become a Salad Chef

Who said salads have to be boring? Play around with healthy ingredients and make yourself a variation of salads to eat during your weight loss period.

  • Pizza Perfection

For someone who loves pizza, you don’t have to leave it. Switch to thin crust, whole wheat and choose veggie toppings rather than meat ones.

  • Add Flaxseeds to Your Food

Eating flaxseeds can help you feel satiated for longer and as they are rich in fiber and omega-3s they are ideal for your weight loss food journey.

  • Eat Beans

Beans are low in carbs and rich in fiber and proteins. They make you feel fuller for a long time and bring flavor to your meals.

  • Remember your stomach isn’t a fridge

Many parents are known to finish their child’s food for them because they can’t. If you are trying to lose weight better avoid that.

  • Find a Workout Friend

Keep yourself motivated and workout with a buddy. You can motivate each other and lose weight a lot faster.

We hope these tricks help you shed those extra 20 pounds!


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